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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If I could walk around the street with a ticker tape banner advertising this guy right here, I so would. Familiarize yourself with another cool dude in the long line of cool dudes who take their craft of crate digging and producing so seriously. 26-year old producer Dexter, hailing from Heilbronn, Germany is slowly but surely molding himself into becoming this generation--and possibly the next generation's--Madlib or Gang Starr, or Nicolay for sure.

With MPM music backing his latest venture, Dexter is releasing a stunning collection of instrumentals that mix jazz with its kin: Hip Hop. Hi Hat Vol 3: The Jazz Files is available now on vinyl through MPM music. Dexter doesn't waste time simply regurgitating pre-recorded tracks via a looped sample from one song. Being an MC and a DJ, he blends and folds chords from various jazz tracks, as well as TV shows and movies, and creates a fresh delivery with his beats. If smooth, deep rhythms accented by horns are your flavor, then Dexter's 'Jazz' is taster's choice.

Check out the free track "The Future" here

Read more about Dexter and "The Jazz Files" here

Purchase the LP here

Initially found via Soulbounce


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