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Thursday, February 4, 2010

For some weekend wind-down, what say you we visit the good folks over at NPR?
To show some of love to one of the finest producers in news, on everything from music to books to food and more, here's a very brief run down of some lovely, recent NPR stories. Enjoy!

An exclusive first listen of Lionel Louekes' new album 'Mwaliko' heard here.
and Patrick Jarenwattananon's piece about him here.

Slightly older piece but still great, the always relevant The Bad Plus at the Village Vanguard from December heard here.

Your six-word memoir. A series of books look to ask people from all walks of life the question: What is your essence in six words? Here (I'd love to read some of these, btw :)

The Barbershop, purely because breaking down politics with humor always makes it an easier pill to swallow :) Here

Limits of the Human Eye explores how crucial eyesight is to detecting everything from explosives at airports to tumors in breast cancer tissue. Here

The always cool "What We're Reading" feature for this week. This week The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is featured! Awesome story. Check it ;)

The Picture Show displays National Geographic's latest coffee table book about the 500 extraordinary places to eat around the world found here


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