Monday, January 11, 2010

(Who doesn't have a crush on chef Eric Ripert?)

This weekend I was able to catch his show 'Avec Eric', and saw a very enlightening episode about food traditions. He visits a sustainable farm about 30 miles outside of NYC called Stone Barns, and after catching this show I think a trip to the upstate New York farm is in order.

Stone Barns' excitable Executive Chef Dan Barber informs about the necessary diets of sheep, chickens, and pigs in order to best bring out their flavor. (I realize how horrible that sentence must sound to vegetarians the world over.) Animal's diets are the utmost of importance on the farm, coming right ahead of seasonal stock. Nothing on this farm is grown or consumed at a time when the season is not ripe. Note: pasteurized food over organic. Chef Dan breaks down the distinction in this episode, along with the amount of glucose found in carrots grown at the height of their season, and those that were grown outside of it.


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