Return of the Mac

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Macaroni and cheese lovers unite! One of the best comfort foods in the land, and the landscape is wide, my friends :) There's so many savory recipes, including a bomb version done by my aunt, who adds a twist from her Bahamian roots. But this beauty, created with caramelized onions, has piqued my interest for sure.

Recipe by Elizabeth Fuss and can be found over at Frolic!

Speaking of recipes, a huge thank you to my friend Nick and his pretty wife Courtney for e-mailing me Nick's homemade version of tortilla soup! Note to self: pick up cilantro on the way home :)

And just for fun, a little Mark Morrison with "Return of the Mack". The throwbacks keep coming!


  1. i've been revisiting mac and cheese in a major, major way lately. every time i see it on a menu, i can't help but indulge. i love it baked with a multi-cheese crust, bread crumb topping, and ham or bacon mixed in.. anddd now i'm hungry.

    great song choice haha, i heard that at a bar last weekend and i just couldn't keep the old school moves to my self..

  2. Co-signing 100% with you on the mac cravings, Rox :)

    Going back to NY to revisit one of my favorite restaurants serving up the best mac ever! Cafeteria on, I think it's 17th and 7th or 18th and 7th Ave (in Chelsea), has this ridiculously delicious macaroni and cheese made with bacon and Gouda cheese. That, coupled with their roasted tomato soup make for a pretty nice food-induced coma :) Definitely check out the restaurant if you'll be in the city.


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