I Missed You

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I came across a wonderful and whimsical website that illustrates stories of people who had a brief encounter with someone--either on a bus, train, or in a bookstore-- and have gone online in search of reconnecting with them. There is a section on Craigslist called 'Missed Connections' where people from different cities can post small messages, trying to reconnect with either the man or woman that continues to play on repeat in their mind. Some give a quick detail about the color hat the person was wearing, what book they were reading, what kind of shoes they were wearing, or if there was a brief moment of exchanging eye contact. Some are funny , some a little suspect (ie. you spilled beer on me last night. I'd like to find you. Ermmm... Alrighty...), but the majority were sweet.

Who knows if the two will ever meet, but it's so sweet to imagine that there's a little request to see you suspended somewhere out there in cyberspace and in the recesses of another person's mind.

An illustrator from Brooklyn named Sophie Blackcall picks out a few of these stories each week to draw. I love them. So cute and charming. Visit her blog Missed Connections NY for more.


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