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Sunday, January 10, 2010

DIY Table of Contents for the January issue of Esquire magazine. Designer Erin Jang over at The Indigo Bunting has been churning out incredibly diverse versions of the TOC each month, leaving my eyes bugged out each time over how innovative she is. (Sidenote: I was a little stoked to point out to the art directors at work that Erin was not a 'he' but a 'she' when they were going on about how great 'he' was ;)

Esquire's TOC looks like no one else's because it's different each time. This one is a cut-out. Someone on that staff understands the TOC is usually one of the first elements readers see (that is, of course, if they endure 20 pages of advertisements in many publications first), and that having a strong design upfront serves as a teaser to what else is to come. This was done for Esquire's annual 'What I've Learned' issue, and there's quote from everyone, including one from jazz musician Ornette Coleman, which reads a little small here, but says: "I wasn't so interested in being paid. I wanted to be heard. That's why I'm broke."
Check out more of Erin's work here.


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