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Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm a fiend for the website, Graphic Hug. I'm checking this site at least twelve times a day, everyday for their posts on illustration, advertising, photography, graphic design, and typography. (A quick aside: I'm speaking my position as a Creative Director right now!)

One of their recent posts features Esquire UK in all its slick, James Bond-esque splendor. There is some serious sexy being served up on this typography, and it comes in the form of color and the slightest suggestive curl. Turns out the font is called Ian Party.

There are so many cool elements to point out on with this publication: the fact they keep the spine prominently featured on the cover; that each cover is different and could easily be Men's Health (Clint Eastwood), GQ (Daniel Radcliffe), Details (Christian Bale), or Sci-Fi Monthly (Spock); the fact you're not inundated with multi-colors that detract from both the headlines and the main portrait; the fact they utilize every corner of the cover, while still leaving enough white space to breathe. And that bar code gets incorporated into the cover rather than being tolerated as an unsightly necessary design evil.

And check out the friggin' September issue! It's a hardcover with silver metallic lettering! And Quentin Tarantino is for sure invoking James Bond with that slightly crouched stance as he prepares to fire. And did you get a good look at the bar code? Even that is utilized as a design element. Insane. Hats off to the design team.


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