No Reverb: Afta-1

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm still trying to fully understand the composition of Afta-1. Producer? DJ? Collective? 1/3 of a greater entity? (Gas'd and Love being the other two). I don't know just yet, but I do know that the sound is off-kilter without being jarring, fluid, and some of the best under-the-radar experimental hip hop you're likely to experience in awhile.

Listening to him/them feels a bit like you're hiding in the closet to a producer's bedroom, secretly watching them tinker with experimental computerized instruments and eventually producing one delightfully lazy yet sub-pop soulful tune after the next. If you enjoy The Foreign Exchange I'm sure you'll easily fall into Afta-1 as well.

Check the remix to Little Dragon's "Fortunte". Little Dragon is also another under-the-radar group who's been steadily building recognizition.


  1. Miss Nicole,
    Now you know you are really outdoing yourself today!
    I love this track! Thank you for the inspiration. So taking this to my new spot in Hyewa. Perfect music for me to sketch to or just be to.

    A post dedicated to you is coming with the quickness.


    Felicia, This Time in Seoul

  2. Aww Felicia! Girl, you are too sweet! And you know you made my day, right ?:)

    This music is incredible. And like you said it's perfect for zoning out and sketching or just relaxing. If you like the song there's lots more where that came from. Here is a link to Afta-1's site where you can download this song plus and an entire album of other great songs for free!!


  3. Nicole, you are sharing the love today and educating the masses!
    Thank you!



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