Freshly Squeezed: Apple Juice Kid

Monday, December 28, 2009

White visiting OkayPlayer earlier today, I came across an incredible producer named The Apple Juice Kid. An eight-time beat battle champion, he's already been associated with Yazarah, The Foreign Exchange, Camp Lo, and countless remix projects including the one shown here, 'Miles Remixed'. Click the picture to be taken to his site where you can hear the entire 12-track album, which is goregous, and download it for free. This is recommended listening for my guy, who is a complete jazz fiend ;)

Choice tracks
"Violin Green"
"Come 2 Me" ft Yazarah and Raheem Devaughn
"Snap Music"

By the way! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!


  1. As ALWAYS Nicole you dug up some heat with this one, sis! Whew!

  2. Thanks, Heather! Glad you're feeling it. What other type of tunes are in your playlist? I'm curious to see what else folks are listening to :)


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