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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Came across this really wonderful design concept from the guys over at Bamboo Bike Studio. As innovative environmentalists based in Red Hook, Brooklyn, they had a plan to make life more sustainable and economical for individuals in Africa. So, targeting countries where transportation is limited in remote areas but resources for creating said transportation is plentiful, they decided to create bicycles made out of bamboo.

Bamboo is quite plentiful in Ghana, but it's potential has yet to be fully tapped into as a valuable resource. So, the guys at Bamboo Bike Studio found a way to create bikes from something that is made within the country, keeping costs low as opposed to importing bikes from nearby countries. Every weekend, the BBS sets up bamboo bike manufacturing workshops in Brooklyn for roughly $900 some-odd dollars. Individuals come and construct a custom-made bike for themselves that is environmentally friendly and pretty rare. But more so the money they contribute towards this bike workshop goes directly towards the BBS initiative to build bamboo bike facilities in Africa and South America. With the influx of bike making warehouses in these areas, more people will have access to affordable transportation, jobs will be created, skills will be learned and become transferable to other potential industries as well. And the bikes themselves are pretty sweet.
Initially found via I.D magazine

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  1. See, now you know what?!
    This here is the reason why I love people so much, GOOD PEOPLE. When we want to, humans can thrive with anything.

    Thank you for being amazing!

    Felicia, This Time Now


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