Video Inundation Sunday

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Today we present "Video Inundation Sunday" lol. Just wanted to post a few videos whose artistic direction really has me inspired and excited to begin new ways of expressing myself creatively.

I've been incredibly immersed in graphic design blogs lately. The imagination of designers and illustrators is beyond mind blowing. Excluding working for clients (who are necessary and wonderful to have) there is limitless freedom to being an illustrator when the entire world serves as your canvas--and when you operate outside a vacuum. Even with the pool of graphic designers as wide as the world itself, like Don Cheadle once said, "Mediocrity is rampant. Excellence is rare." There is always space for individuals to break the mold of creativity and bring something fresh for the eyes to feast on. That could be said for individuals in every discipline, from politics to cooking. I say all this to note that this commercial from "Guinness" proves that point of breaking molds. We've all seen countless beer commercials: 30-seconds to one minute slots that utilize sex appeal or off-color humor to sell a product. But this commercial right here is ingenious for the fact that it employs neither of those techniques, but instead uses masterful cinematography to literally bring a "world to life". Beer drinkers or not, this commercial is ambitious, beautifully shot, and moving all at the same time. By the end you STILL don't know it's about beer, but have they convinced you of the product's wonder? Creation is a wonder all its own.

Found via Kiss My Black Ads


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