Video Inundation Sunday Pt. 2: "I'm Talking 'Bout Chi Town"

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kanye West "Homecoming"
by bluntedsoul

Can you accept one part of a person and ignore the rest of what makes them whole if you're not entirely satisfied with it? If so, then I feel the same way about Kanye West that I felt about him in '04. Antics or not, Kanye is a creative beast. (Who in college was he not speaking to when "College Dropout" was released, 'cause I know he was killing me softly freshman year).

His musical ear is so fine tuned that the man took this simple guitar tune from Linda Lewis' "Old Smokie" circa 1972 and made Common's 2005 hit "Go!" Just listen to her song around the 2:50-2:54 mark and you'll hear that simple chime that loops throughout "Go!". Kanye is a beast. He's also a designer and illustrative artist, able to draw his vision and execute it without having to depend on someone else's hand so much. But I'm not trying to beef up the fan club, I'm just inspired ;)


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