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Monday, November 16, 2009

I've been having a glorious love affair with peppers lately--red, yellow, green. I came to appreciate their total awesomeness late, but now I'm in love. Two weeks ago I bought three peppers at the store and let them sit in a bowl on the table while I came up with the perfect way to prepare them. I visited restaurants, sought recipes from favorite food blogs, and tried imagining flavorful combinations in my head. But it wasn't until a food photography shoot I was on yesterday that I finally broke them in. After wrapping the shoot we were encouraged to take as many of the leftover items home as we could carry. I nabbed two salmon steaks, a lemon, a lime, some almonds, a grapefruit, and a sweet potato (love those!). I commenced to preparing baked salmon with all three peppers cut into thin slivers with garlic and olive oil. Ahhh...heaven! Incredible mix of flavors going on here.

So tonight I tried my hand at another dish. I had a couple of steaks, so I marinated them in Korean BBQ sauce (possibly one of the best sauces next to Thai curry or ginger sauce). In a separate dish I fried some bacon and onions and shredded potatoes, and then sauteed more peppers. I swear I could have eaten those peppers as one dish all by themselves (and I don't put it past myself to do so in the future :)

Next up: Garlic and Thyme roasted Lamb...with a side of peppers, of course ;)
Happy Monday!


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