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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yessir, momma's got a brand new toy. Yesterday afternoon I went with a co-worker and some of her friends out to a phenomenal music store called Atomic Music in Beltvsville, MD. They service every type of instrument and piece of accompanying equipment you need. The store, one of the last mom and pop music supply stores in MD/DC/VA, is stocked wall to wall with vintage and original posters, magazines, and concert tickets. I set out to get an electric guitar with a tiny budget of xyz, and the sales rep who helped me was the best. All I had to do was tell him which band inspired me to play (Band of Horses) and he knew exactly what to show me. We tested about two guitars before landing on this one here. What's so fly about this one is that someone hand built this guitar (to perfection, almost!) and sold it to the store. According the sales rep it has a vintage 1950s neck with a smooth belly. It's like running your hand along a flawless piece of glass. And since it's not a brand name guitar like a Squire or a Fender, it was incredibly cheap! My co-worker and her husband have an extra amplifier which they're letting me use. (If you see the girl walking up Rhode Island Ave tomorrow with the little amp, that would be me;) And they've offered to teach me some extra chords and jam out with them anytime. They're an older bunch, and so cool to talk to. Aside from having to get rid of a few fingernails and preparing for soar finger tips, I'm way excited. It's all for fun; so I can jam out with my grandpa from time to time when he plays his acoustic, play with the folks at my church, and have something therapeutic at home as well. There will be no singing/songwriting involved lol...just strumming.

I have yet to name him...thinking :)

My co-worker's band mates during the jam session; Her husband tuning up the guitar for me :)


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