Rob Murat

Friday, September 25, 2009

"The Industry" is shifting in favor of musical Renaissance men who seem to be stepping out from their hermetic lives in studios and stepping into the spotlight of being a one-man-marching band. Oxymoron? Perhaps. Phenomenon? Definitely. There haven't been too many spurts in music history in which the sole responsibility of production, musical arrangement, songwriting, and recording have fallen on the shoulders of one person. There have been squeaky boy bands and triangular girl groups whose geometrical structure of spotlight-sharing was more scalene than equilateral, and thus they collapsed. There have been duos and quartets, but again it was a collaborative creation.

Today, we see artists like Mayer Hawthorne, Ryan Leslie, and Washed Out (aka Ernest Green) taking over the bedroom craft of beat making and releasing solid, intelligent tracks that are laced with as much ingenuity as drum snares. And now, joining this new tidal wave of do-it-yourself artists is Rob Murat.

In his debut album So Much to Say (released through his own production company Quench Entertainment Media), Queens, New York native Rob Murat wastes no time showing off his musical prowess, offering a smattering of samples throughout much of the early tracks. The influence of Hip Hop, Caribbean, Soul and Pop are apparent in Rob's musical servings. Murat's voice sounds like it would blend seamlessly inside a Gospel track as it would with a Hip-Hop/Latin-tinged track. This is the very trick Rob pulls off on the revelatory track "Celebrate" and "Dilemma" featuring Kidz in the Hall. Trumpets and horns light up the mid-section of the Mardi Gras-meets-Savoy "Ready to Love".

Murat is a well-trained music technician, able to provide each song a groove befitting its message. As diverse a musician as Murat is, his musical dexterity away from the microphone, conquering the percussion and rhythmic instruments, is his greatest strength.

Check out some of the tracks on any of the links below:
Dilemma -
Dilemma Remix 1.0 feat. Kidz in the Hall -
Ready To Love -


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