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Friday, September 4, 2009

Vika Gazinskaya, The Sartorialist, Tolula Adeyemi.
I LOVE the way the girl's hairstyle highlight their bone structure and offer a glimpse into the attitudes they have of themselves.

...and I have neglected him for too long. I always get the strongest urge to cut my hair during the Fall. The gentleman on the bottom right is killing me softly with that hairstyle.
Photos by The Sartorialist, Vanessa Jackman, Easy Paris Fashion, and Zimio. Links on the left siderail.


  1. Nice!
    I too want to cut this mane of mine!
    Love the gentleman's cut below. I like the way that it's long on top.
    Decisions, decisions.

    Felicia, This Time Now

  2. Decisions indeed. Took me a whole year to get the full head I have now lol

  3. I don't know what's going on with me, but now I just want everything around me to be sleek and and SIMPLE which includes my hair. I just don't want to relax it you know? I have a gorgeous friend and that chick is totally bald. She can pull it off because she's striking, but I'm not willing to do that.

    P.S. I have some questions about Photography institutes to ask you.

    Ciao Now

  4. Ask away chica! You know I'm always down to talk photo :)

    I co-sign with being in that mode of having things be sleek and simple. I had so many abstract design ideas when I moved into my apartment, but now I'm all about two things: an open space and accent colors. For hair, lately I keep it in a swooped up style a la the 1950s. I've seen so many stunning women who are either bald or have shaved their hair very low. You know Bethann Hardison? The former model and now advocate for black models in fashion? I really love her hairstyle and clean, uncomplicated sense of style. In another few years that look is definitely becoming an exciting option for me.

    I love your free hair! One of my girlfriend who's worn her hair natural for years and wanted a change of pace from the wearing it out all the time decided to twist it and then pin it up in the back into two separate buns. It's so chic and very clean. Perhaps you could swoop your hair up :) I'm not sure if you've seen this site before, but check out Le Coil. They feature images of beautiful black women with natural hair in all kinds of goregeous styles. I'm sure you'll find some simple style inspiration there ;)

    Wow, that was long right? lol But definitely feel free to ask questions about photo!


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