Mr. Postman Brings the Good News and the Cute Shoes

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This week I purchased the pair of Oxfords I've waited since last Fall to get my hands on. And today, the postman came knocking with the aforementioned lovelies in tow: a beautiful pair of grey patent leather Oxfords by Steve Madden, found via A girlfriend of mine told me about this online mega shoe emporium, and if you haven't found that shoe you've been dreaming of, please check out their site. Free overnight and standard shipping. And the postman delivers the goods with a smile ;) Needless to say, in celebration of getting over a cold this week I commenced to tap dancing in these babies around the apartment.


  1. Good Heavens!!! Those are cute. M.U.S.T N.O.T B.U.Y S.H.O.E.S. I keep thrifting hoping to find some cute spectator oxfords....nothing. I think the problem is that Californians know their vintage; all the good stuff gets scooped up quick, smart. I may make a trip to East Texas or the Heart of Okie land. I'm sure I'd make out like a bandit. Good Lawd, I'm verbose. Sorry.
    Synopsis: Love the oxford.

  2. Do you want to know how crazy this is? I have my eye on the SAME PAIR! We just might be autumn twins. Just might. Our shoes should get together and have tea and cake!

    What do you think? ;)

  3. I am getting a pair of those shoes right now! They look fantastic!

  4. adorable! i have a shiny black pair that i've worn into the ground since this past spring, they easily become a sharper alternative to the tried and true ballet flat.

  5. Thank ya, ladies :)

    Ooohhh, Rekhmma, I so want to take a road trip scouring Texas, Kansas, and good ole Oklahoma for vintage clothes! I know they have hole-in the-wall clothing stores everywhere. And I love verbosity! I, too, can get carried away with something that gets me excited. As we all should ;)

    Sherisa, get out of my head, woman! lol. We may very well be twins.

    Kandie, that site is great! And these shoes come in brown, too.

    Roxanne, I think I may have seen your shoes on your blog. Love them! Oxfords are so fly to me. I got all inspired to get a pair after seeing several sharp gents on The Sartorialist last summer.

  6. Those are so cute!!!! I'd never be able to pull them off but in every freaking picture they are just adorable. I'm kinda jealous.


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