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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Work outfits over the past couple of days. For green to be my favorite color I'm giving it mixed signals, what with all the navy I buy. It's an incredibly versatile color.
Hand-me-down blazer is from my cousin; bag was a free gift from a past internship; pendant on blazer is two melon-colored earrings that I bought from the Eastern Market here in D.C, just pinned to the lapels; navy top in second pic is actually a $13 open cardigan that I bought from the Forever 21 in San Francisco. It flows so beautifully when worn open, but I decided to wrap it around and put a belt on to make a it into a top. I think I'm going to have some fun with this piece this Fall ;)


  1. go head with your bad self! LOVED your feature on Aliya's blog:)

  2. LOVE the cardi wrap turned shirt! :-) When I get a real job and some money I'm hiring you as my wardrobe consultant/personal shopper. I know you'll be fancy and busy by then so I'm putting in my request now!

  3. Ladies! What's up! So good to hear from both of you :)

    Thanks for the love, CJ! That was a fun feature, but because I'm such a nerd I was too embarrassed to even look at myself lol.

    Hey Ms. Melissa! When are we finally going to meet up and hang out girl? Ohhh! Thrift shopping...let's go together sometime :)

  4. You look very well put together in both ensembles. Well done! Who says style has to bankrupt us?

  5. that wrapped belted racerback tunicy thing was a cardigan?? all kinds of props. i also found your blog through aliya's fashion friday feature and i must say. brava, woman. brava.

  6. Hey everyone! Thanks so much for stopping through :) I really appreciate all the love. And I'm definitely trying to reciprocate by visiting your blogs. Anyone want to share links?


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