To the Bay!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So awhile ago I mentioned going to Seattle for one of their summer concert festivals. But noooo, plans have changed in a more pleasant direction. I'm heading to San Francisco instead!! Never been to the west coast in my life and I'm super stoked to be making the trek. Band of Horses (whoop whoop!) will be playing at the Outside Lands Music Festival, along with tons of other cool artists, so I said "Should I go to Seattle and see two groups that I like, or go to the Bay and see a group that I friggin love?!" Choice seems obvious, right? Right. I've never traveled across the country to see just one band or one artist before, but the timing of this trip made sense and I had to catch BoH before they wrap their tour overseas.

Ticket is purchased, and I got an amazing deal on a hotel in a pretty cool neighborhood. It's near Japantown, I read. With my brother's gf, who is from California, being such an amazing help I have lots of great plans to crunch in during the weekend. So if any of you readers live in S.F and want to meet up or recommend spots I'm down!

Photo S.F: Yahoo images
Photo Band of Horses by Chris Wilson Photo


  1. I just saw this post. Have you already came to the bay? Would be great to meet up. I'm home in the bay (Oakland) for a couple of more weeks.

  2. Hey girl,

    I'll be over that way on August 28th :) It's a short weekend stay (I leave on the 31st) but I'd love to meet up if you have a free day! I'll shoot you an e-mail with my number and we can go from there!


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