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Monday, August 31, 2009

Just getting back home from the most awesome weekend ever! San Francisco may very well be my next residence. Before I head off to bed ('cause this little one has been getting up at 3am everyday for the past three days lol) I wanted to upload a few images from the trip. It doesn't begin to skim the surface of how beautiful and well-preserved S.F is. The water is gorgeous, and the homes are as colorful and varied as ice cream flavors. The people are amazingly chill and friendly. And the food, my goodness! I came and I rocked out at the Outside Lands Music Festival on Sunday. Had my fill of as many bands as I could get to, and was introduced to a plethora of new ones. But the cramp in my neck and the soar ankles that I have today are attributed to none other than Band of Horses. I've never bobbed my head so hard or stomped so much to anyone's music as these guys. So if those are battle scars, I'll wear them proudly, man! Best music festival of my life. Shout out to Kim for truly making this trip what it was by showing me a great time!


  1. I love your blog. I'm a long time lurker. I LOOOOOVEEEEEE Band of Horses; saw them this Saturday in SoCal. This would be the second time this year that I've seen my loves. Anyway, I'm just super excited whenever someone else discovers them.

  2. Band of Horses have completely run away with my heart! Simply put, they are the only band I would travel far distances to see. Glad you love the blog :) Makes me feel all warm inside lol. Definitely come back, and recommend music anytime! One can never get their fill of amazing tunes.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your time in The Bay.


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