Sunday Kind of Love

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's only 11am and this Sunday is already perfect. I just came from a two hour power walk along D.C's National Mall area. I finally brushed the dust off my sneakers and took the tags off the exercise gear I bought a few months ago. While I'm walking, the words "I love this city" are all I can chant to myself as I pass along the Jefferson Memorial, cross over the Virginia Memorial Bridge, duck under small passageways that lead to more scenic beauty, and smile at passing pedestrians who are also biking or running. I had been to the National Mall before, but not like this. Not on the thin outskirts away from happy visitors with flashing cameras. I wanted to walk as close as possible to the Potomac River because water is so cathardic for me (which is ironic since I can't swim lol). Sigh. I'm enjoying my love affair with the city.

Now, I'm off to the store to pick up some tapioca pudding and oats for this peach cobbler recipe I'm trying. If you haven't had donut peaches, get thee to the nearest grocery store (or the farmer's market)! One top of being the cutest fruit ever, they're decadently sweet and juicy when you get them at their ripest. My kitchen smells like a peach orchard so I want to take advantage of these babies while I still can. Have a lovely Sunday!


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