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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So I'm listening to Amy Winehouse' "He Can Only Hold Her" (which is getting heavy rotation in the iPod) from the "Back to Black" album, and I hear this guitar chord that is highly reminscent of John Legend's "Slow Dance" from his album "Once Again". Then I hear the unmistakable likeness in the chorus' chant "Da da da da". So being the vinyl girl that I am (coupled with the ever-present notion in my mind that ?uestlove is the guru of music samples and I'm trying to get on his level) I google what sample both Amy and John use. To my great surprise it's from a 1966 track recorded by Lonnie Youngblood and my man Jimi Hendrix. This is early Hendrix right here on lead guitar, and Youngblood as lead vocals. Together they're The Icemen, and the track is called "My Girl (She's a Fox)." Even though Hendrix left Youngblood's band in 1964 (with still mutual respect) to pursue and become the Jimi Hendrix we all remember today, he kept in touch with Youngblood long enough to record this song and a few others before his death in 1970. I love this track, and though I enjoy grooving to both Amy and John's renditions, like Marvin and Tammi said "ain't nothing like the real thing, baby."

I didn't realize how much a fan of Ryan Leslie's I was until I started catching videos of his music making process via his site. He seems like one of the most genuine people and certainly one of the most seriously multi-talented producers in the business. Piano player, keyboardist, guitarist, singer, song writer, ivy-league educated, down to earth, stylish, and humble. I really hope he enjoys a long string of success even behind the camera--in fact, I hope most of it is behind the camera because with Ryan adapting to the studio like a dove to air he has an entire space to create and make musical concepts come to fruition. Behind the scenes can be just as powerful and influential.

And lately it feels like I'm discovering Avant for the first time. Or maybe it's just this time around what he's already expressed in song then feels like a manifestation of sorts for me now. "Sailing" is such a dreamy track, and I love the way he coos "it's not far to Never Never land." :)


  1. Love it! You just upgraded me and so cool to see connection to that strings and da da da.

    And guess who's moving into their own place;)

  2. Ahh!!! Now you know Imma need the details on that! So happy for you, girl! What part of town? You should definitely plan a mini trip back to D.C sometime so we can hang :)


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