New Video: K-Jon "On the Ocean"

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The good folks over at Audible Treats sent over a link to K'Jon's newly minted video "On the Ocean" this past week.

Using a minimal amount of camera tricks, props, and Mtv-style editing, K-Jon releases a depiction of life on the come up. Despite a temporary layoff (a la "Good Times") the video shows K' Jon's video persona ultimately achieving his goal of opening a local business.

The video takes a slight deviation from its counterparts in the hip hop/hip “pop” music scene in that the smoke and mirrors of studio lighting and over stylized effects are non-existent. "On the Ocean's" cast represents the true grown and sexy crowd: husbands and wives; couples; not partners that revolve like doors. Standing in for the gleaning club floors with black light treaments are the shiny tile floors of a newly opened diner that plays the backdrop for swaying steppers. It’s always nice to see a writer-turned-center-stage-artist ride the waves of his proverbial ocean. For what it downplays in sparkle and glitter, "On the Ocean" makes up for in message: keep on keepin on.

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  1. YES! I love this song, love the message. The video is oh so classy. Real music always prevails.


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