Mayer Hawthorne

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've been digging this man hard every since I serendipitously came across his 7-inch heart-shaped vinyl record "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out." Remember this post?

Hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Andrew Cohen aka Mayer Hawthorne (aka my new secret lover) has concocted a musical blend of Detroit soul, Philadelphia funk, and street corner doo wop of the 60s. Just when you're thinking, "Oh here's another throwback artist," Hawthorne actually stakes a new claim in music-making that--refreshingly--doesn't just reflect the sound of the 60s but the craftsmanship of the artists from the era as well. With any craft, the person with the larger registry to draw from (in this case musically) is going to have the advantage of stretching the genre and melding tradition with a more reverbed sound. Mayer Hawthorn does this effortlessly by drawing on his childhood spent listening to soul and funk albums by Curtis Mayfield, The Spinners, The Four Tops, and other classic groups from that Golden Era of doo wop.

Imagine how geeked I was to check in with Stones Throw Records and see that Mayer Hawthorne's full length LP "A Strange Arrangement" will be available this fall. Like a true Renaissance music man, Mayer Hawthorne is a multi-instrumentalist who arranged, produced, and recorded virtually every song himself.

Favorite tracks:
I Wish It Would Rain
Just Ain't Gonna Work Out
Let Me Know
A Strange Arrangement
May Be So, Maybe No
Make Her Mine


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