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Monday, July 20, 2009

Hey there! I'm skipping my happy self over to Seattle in September for the Bumbershoot Music Festival. Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse, Mayer Hawthorne, De La Soul....the list goes on and gets better and better. I've always wanted to visit Seattle, and this will be the perfect introduction. I'm in the early stage of looking for a place to stay, and was hoping you lovely readers out there would have recommendations for lodging or even the best ways to travel in the city? Let me know. And hey! If you'll be attending the festival, don't hesitate to say hi. I don't mind rocking out alone, but it's more fun when it's a party, right?

Photo by Jeremy and Claire Weiss (day19). Check their site. They're an amazing hardcore photo duo. And they run a pretty fly blog, too.


  1. so you're going alone? how brave and exciting. have a blast!!

  2. Thanks MM! I plan on doing a little bit of cross country trekking this summer for shows. San Francisco or Seattle, and then I'm heading back home to MN for another band that is wrapping up its tour in September. This is like the kind of summer I've always talked about having, but never went for :) All I need now is my Partridge family van lol. The invitation is always open for you, though, if you want to join!


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