Total Eclipse of the Heart

Friday, July 17, 2009

My musical stratosphere has been forever altered. Like John Updike creating a paradigm shift in the American literary landscape by distinguishing a pre-modern era from a post with his stories, Band of Horses has forever separated my musical history into two eras: before Band of Horses and after. I can't remember falling in love with another sound so deeply that I became completely undone after the first listen. It's nearly impossible to listen to "Detlef Schrempf" from their last album "Cease to Begin" and not feel compelled to simultaneously curl into yourself and burst into a thousand rays of light as Ben Bridwell lets the word "harm" ripple and rise into the air like an ethereal cloud during the chorus. I totally heart Radiohead, The Shins, Kings of Leon, and Coldplay, but something about this sound eclipses the others. Perhaps like an eclipse, it's only momentary, but I'll make no concessions if it is. Recommended if this is your introduction to Horses: listen to them with your headphones on and your eyes closed.


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