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Saturday, June 20, 2009

This past week I've come across some really lovely sites. So why not share the lovely, right? Right.

*First up: Le Coil

I heart this site and all it's flyness. It's dedicated entirely to photos of beautiful women and men with natural hair in various textures, lengths, and personal styling preferences. Everyone from authors, models and activists to everyday people hitting up the Brooklyn Flea Market are featured. Le Coil has provided inspiration to stay natural when my own hair acts alittle wonky at times...How I'd love to have some of these photos on my wall! All photos found on LeCoil via FlyGirls.

Thanks to the Buzz Board over at The Daily Beast, I came across this mega emporium of a website called Alltop. The self described "online magazine rack" helps deliver exactly what you may be looking for online by showing you only blogs and sites related to that topic. Enter any topic you want--any topic!--and a list of blogs and sites are brought up specifcally related to your search. You can even see up to four posts/articles on that site related to your search. You want to know what's going on in Ghana? They got you. Want to find new design sites for your apartment? They got you there, too.

This is not your mother's magazine anymore. Better Homes & Gardens has one of the best online home decor features (especially now since so many home decor sites have closed down). Practical tips are offered on how to decorate tiny rooms on a small budget, or simple makover changes to create more space, more color, more storage, etc. You can arrange a room modeled after your own and then try different color patterns. Perfect for those of us who are a little hesitant (ie. indecisive) about choosing something as simple as the color of our drapes or carpet (raises hand in humble confession).

The uber cute graphic designer and stylista Mimi Jung has a great fashion blog (she's been blogging for a while, so it may only be new to me :). I love her juxtapositon of tomboy meets super sleek art director. And she blogs about food, style tips, and even how to get the smell of Korean BBQ out of leather jacket. (Tip: use Febreeze).


  1. Oh thanks for the links! I like Le Coil and Brook&Lyn. Added them to my feed reader. I already am connected to the other two.

  2. definitely need to check out le coil and alltop.. hope you had a great father's day as well!


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