Fresh Pick: The Summer of Love Jonesing

Saturday, June 13, 2009

There is an amazingly delicious amount of new music and music events that have been taking place this past week.

Mos Def is back with the "The Ecstatic". Mos Def has been holding me down since 1999 with the classic "Black on Both sides" with strong wordplay and integration of soul/funk cuts ("Brooklyn" sampled Roy Ayers' "We Live In Brooklyn"). Ok, ok...there is that possible exception with his album"True Magie", but I love the track "Sun, Moon, and Stars." But on "The Ecstatic", Mos Def is undeniable. He manages to syngerzie that same feeling of hard-hitting lyrics with jazz percussion and a touch of bossa nova. Click here to sample tracks from the album.

Album comes out July 7th, 2009. Enough said, enough said!

One of the finest producers for this generation to ever touch a vinyl record has some "new" material being released. Nicolay of The Foreign Exchange has a section of his site called "Off the Shelf" where each week songs that he's produced are available for free download. His remix of United Soul's (aka U.City) song "SoulClap" is an open confession to sweet, vulnerable, soulful love. The song was recorded back in 2005, but is still the perfect introduction to the possibility of love being discovered for someone this summer. Listen to the gorgeous track here, and download it for yourself while you're there.

And finally, get thee to D.C this weekend! The Duke Ellington Jazz Festival has been in full swing since June 5th, and I am tingling to see Terence Blanchard perform on the National Mall tonight at 6:25 pm. Here's the link to today's schedule of performances.



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