Cue the Go-Gos

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This past week family came into town for vacation and we did a little road trippin' through the East Coast :) LOVED IT! Despite the rainy conditions, my family stays cracking jokes so we made the best of it. Trekking through D.C, NY, and VA I didn't do a stitch of shopping other than collecting more furnishings for the apartment (whoo hoo!). That's one reason for the slightly long hiatus away from the Orange, but the other has been my jumping into this great initiative that my girl Whitney and I started called Uptown Literati. Books can be a girl's best sanctuary, so if you love to read, UL's all you need! Okay, that was mad corny lol, but the site is full of all kinds of literary gems that you might enjoy.

I'm jumping back on the posting wagon shortly, so until then Reese's Peace!


  1. So cute! Don't know if I'd actually wear them...but still cute!

  2. lol...they were part of a series of bugged out glasses that we tried on :)Can I rock 'em? No! lol


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