Complex Simplicity

Monday, May 11, 2009

I would love love love to have this room. It caught my eye because it's the closet depiction of my bedroom's current arrangement and size, and because it's so bright! (Morning person here. I loves the light :). The arrangments are amazing and clean. It takes a cool, keen eye to strike a comfortable balance between small frames mixing with larger ones. And the way pink is pulled from the artwork itself and is mimicked in the pillow's accent colors is lovely. And speaking of stunning is this moment captured on their wedding day. Photos found through frolic and afrochic.


  1. I love the simplicity as well =]

    La C.

  2. Your blog is always refreshing just to take a peek at. Like smelling clean clothes with a hint of lemon. lol. Miss ya. Spice in Union Square moved around the corner and its fab, and has an upstairs now with beautiful painting on the wall

  3. Ahh thanks Charreah! That made me smile :) Oooh, I love Spice! I'm heading up to NY on a trip with family in two weeks so we'll definitely be hitting up the new place. Thanks! Love and miss ya!

    And thank you, La Couturier! Love checking your blog for all your pretty posts :)


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