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Sunday, May 3, 2009

This past Friday I received that special little delivery that homeowners and apartment dwellers cherish: a couch. It's been five months of filling up the apartment piecemeal, and though my air mattress and wooden table have done an amazing job doubling as my chairs, this couch is by and large my newest love. In between bouts of cleaning, polishing, and dusting on Saturday, I couldn't help but take random sitting sessions and just turn on my iTunes while zoning out. The couch is a Manhattan Lounger from Wal-Mart that transforms into a bed a well as a chaise lounger. I found the same couch through Target. com, however it ran for $300 more. I'm still looking to add pictures to the walls, plants, etc. Oh yes: and a mattress! All in time.

Today, after church, I was only too glad to do nothing but stretch out on the couch, watch "Adventures in Babysitting", read, and take a nap. In that order :) Plus I think the weather co-signed with this bliss because it's been raining all day. Now I'm getting my Julia Child on by preparing dinner consisting of collard greens simmered in vegetable stock, minced garlic and onions and steak meat with green onions, button mushrooms and a little soy sauce.

In other little gifts, my brother mailed a care package last week with new shoes. I dig 'em. A company called "Delicious" makes them. They're adding some pop to the closet, but I'll need to hit up a cobbler and knock off a few inches if I want to wear them this summer. Thanks, Ant!


  1. i love the couch! i have this intense to desire to decorate, but my options are so limited in a dorm room.. which is why it's great to live vicariously through others' decorating adventures. those shoes are gorgeous as well.

  2. OMG. Love love love the area rug you have down. Really ties everything in. You're using a mainly cream and wood style, but that rug just makes everything pop. Nice!

  3. Lovely! Love the area rug. Girl, you have my "time to make a home" cravings going out of control.


    Felicia, This Time Now

  4. Hey ladies! Thanks for the always cool comments :)

    Roxanne and Felicia, I feel you on the decorating cravings. I have about two dozen decorating blogs bookmarked right now and I'm pretty sure I'm on overload with ideas lol. But what's really cool is checking out magazines and blogs that show you how to decorate small spaces on a small budget. Love it!

    Kandi, thanks for showing love to the rug! I kept telling myself that I'm going to step out and be bolder with incorporating bright colors, and I even created about ten different color palettes. And then what happens? I go right back to the neutrals lol. But I promise for future developments you will see bright fabrics :)

    Roxanne, you can trick out that dorm room over at a really pretty blog called PoppyTalk. There is a recent post where one lady furnishes her small space on an even smaller budget. Posters, and even plants can make a dorm seem more home-y. And mirrors give you the illusion that there is more space in a room, too ;) Stock on up ideas, girl, because soon enough you'll be rocking out in your own apartment!

  5. Your apartment looks lovely.
    And I think I've fallen in love with those shoes.


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