They Went That-a-way!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Because you already know about my endless love affair with Coldplay it's always challening to trump my enthusiasm for anything I've previously posted about them. However, any news for me about Coldplay is exciting, so let's break out the excessive amounts of exclamation marks one more time :) This year, at one of the biggest music events to go down during the summer--the All Points West Music Festival being held in New Jersey--Coldplay will be headling on the last day of the event, Sunday August 2nd!!!! Why am I so excited? This band is in my blood, I'm telling you. The timing always seems to be off when I'm trying to catch their next concert. Victory will be mine this year! lol

Tickets for the music festival have already gone on sale since April 3rd, and are $89 for one full day of shows, but will cost you a significant amount more for the whole three days. But I'm sure it's totally worth it with the number of bands performing each day. Everybody, plus your moms and mine, will be performing.

Enjoy Coldplay's "Life in Technicolor" while we get set to head East to see what All Points West shows us. And what the heck. Let's throw in "Lovers in Japan" for good measure.


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