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Saturday, April 25, 2009

See how pretty they are? Pottery Barn pillows, all for sale. I bought the green one in the last image on the bottom, and the carnation yellow in the middle photo next to it. I'm just looking for a third complimentary color. Perhaps orange or a coral color. Next week my couch is being delivered and ohmydays those pillows will look so good! Picture frames are on sale as well.
But while I have you, I also wanted to post on a great home decor site I've come across recently called If you want beautiful, contempary, colorful, and affordable home furnishings then it's all here. I came across it via an old issue of Domino magazine. I tried to get screen shots of the site to show some of their great goods but I can't figure out the screen shot function on my laptop. If you're a PC and know how, hit me up! I'm not yet cool enough for a Mac :)
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