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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yesterday's "Style" section of The Washington Post featured a great opening article that highlighted the "Obama Women": The Black Women who have taken up key roles and unprecedented honors in being apart of the Obama Administration.

I scanned the article here for you to see, but you can read it over here at The Washington Post online.

It's such a cool piece to read and hear how many of the Obama Women extract a split second in their busy days to look outside of themselves and see how historic this time is for them and for Black women in general. They sound a lot like my girlfriends and me when the article mentions how in the midst of hectic schedules and deadlines, the group stills recommends churches and hairstylists and offers fashion advice and hard earned wisdom. Smiling, EPA Admnistrator Lisa Jackson is quoted as saying, "We're honest. We will tell you, that suit does not work. It makes your butt look big. That would work for somebody else but not you. No, don't show up looking like that."

Jackson, when stopped by a Black female employee who thanked her for being here says, "It's an indication that I'm one of theirs." It'll be an equally beautiful thing to read years and years from now when the women are much older and can look back on their time spent in the Capitol together and reminisce over the ups and downs and all the bittersweet moments of being The Obama Women.

There's also a teeny tiny scan of a "Lunch Between Two 'Girlfriends'" Michelle Obama and Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton posted below.

I found this feature on Gwen Ifill in last Month's O Magazine entitled "The Great Moderator", and felt a slight kinship with Ifill by the time I was finished reading. When O asked what does [Ifill] know for sure, she answered: That I'm a blessed women. Even when I am most stressed, the most frazzled, God always rescues me, pulls me along, calms me down....What I know for sure is that I'll never be abandoned.

Have a great Thursday everyone!


  1. Yes! Obama knows what he's doing by surrounding himself with the feminine principle. He's no dummy!
    Thanks for adding me to your blog roll and stop on by...

  2. also ran a slideshow of all of the "honeys" in Obama's cabinet. I think I heard that he has more than any other president. Women are really inherently better at multi-tasking and seeing all the little details (in my opinion anyway), so I think any good company should have a near 50/50 split of men and women. Go Obama!!!


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