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Monday, March 9, 2009

Just popping my head up for a minute. It's been buried in music magazine's a lot lately. Thank goodness for getting back to the atavistic practice of pulling out a magazine and reading what a music journalist took time to absorb, analyze, critique, reference, and eventually either rave or retch over. I do have Chester French to thank for this. It was their Twitter post linking you to an article that argued on behalf of the "expert" writing of a music journalist to point audio heads in the right direction for discovering new music over the power of the Web that took me back to this point. Both the Web and the magazine possess advantages toward exposing people to new music, in my humble opinion, because both mediums have played an important role in much of the new music I've discovered and become enamored by (along with you, I'm sure :). Though I have to say on behalf of magazines and music journalists, I've discovered more new music through their reviews, short references that were mentioned in various articles, and from personal recommendations by my local record store owner. (Check out Som Records if you're in D.C. Neal is a amazing!) and I'm not going to front, I love that carrying around my copy of Filter all day sparked great random conversations with people on the train who were reading over my shoulder and wanted to chat about music. Whether they're writing from interactive blogs or from hard copy prints, music journalists are fans too, and for the most part they're just trying to get the word out in one form or another.

My favorite review so far comes from Filter's Nevin Martel, who reviews The Decemberists' The Hazards of Love. I've not listened to The Decemberists for myself, but this little quip had me silently laughing to myself on the train:

"The Hazards of Love quickly turns uncomfortably pretentious....'Thou inconsolable daughter' said the sister/ 'When wilt thou trouble the water in the cistern?'...Excuse me, Colin[lead vocalist for the band], but whatever happened to "You shook me all night long," "Pour some sugar on me" or even "You're my wonderwall"? Not that all lyrics should be crafted for mass consumption, but who wants to scream "cistern" at the top of their lungs at a rock concert?" Touche!

Anyway, reviews turned me on to some new artists and reinvigorated my nostalgia for older ones. A little look at what I'm listening to lately, but by no means a comprehensive one. It's a mixed bag.

Woman In Chains - Tears For Fears
I'm sorry but Tears for Fears is one of the greatest bands to come out of the 80s (and they pretty much have a solidified place in music history as being able to make consistently good music). Not to mention Oleta Adams is a total force on this track!

So Here We Are - Bloc Party

Thank you Filter magazine for turning me on to the crazy, eclectic mash up of sound that is N.A.S.A. (North America South America). I haven't a clue what the video concept is about; I couldn't find an Imeem clip of the song.

Mi niƱa Lola - Buika

I really have to thank Felicia from This Time Now for introducing me to Buika via her blog. This woman's voice is raw without being guttural, and she, too, reaches from the depths of her heart to deliver passionate lyrics.

Stronger Than Me - Amy Winehouse

I pretty much like the instruments on this track.

Chasing After You (The Morning Song) - Tye Tribbett & G.A.

Others in the pot:

Daft punk, Joss Stone, Eric Roberson, The Stylistics, etc.


  1. hey..just wanted to leave a comment to tell you that i think that u have a great taste in music and art.
    we just started a blog ourselves and would be happy about any readers, comments or supports ;)
    so if u have time, we would be very glad if you read our blog (:
    greetings from vienna

  2. i love tears for fears. I think its just so fun always. Great music taste

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies!

    L'ivresse, thanks for linking with me!

    And Madeline, I completely heart Tears for Fears! Your blog is great, btw :)


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