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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just came across this great feature that Glamour magazine put together for their latest issue. I really love the image of Hayden Panetierre as Amelia Earhart. It's classic and stunning and strong all at once. The photo of Lindsay Lohan as Madonna is so pitch perfect that this could stand in as a screen shot of Madonna's 1981 performance on MTV's stage.

Alicia Keys as Michelle Obama
Emma Stone as Carrie Bradshaw
America Ferrera as Dolores Huerta
Chanel Iman (who looks wonderful in this photo as Althea Gibson)
Alexis Bledel as good ole Rosie the Riveter

*All photos courtesy of


  1. what a great editorial! the models are really well chosen.

  2. ok so this is not related to ur post but why is it that Domino Magazine is no longer publishing issues after this month! I was just getting hooked to mydecofile!!


    I need someone who shares my pain.

  3. LOL! I feel you girl! It was a sad day in interior design history when Conde Nast announced they would no longer carry the magazine. But thanks goodness the Deco profile feature is still up and running (for now). I need to save all my images to my desktop.

    What say you, Whit, and me--in remembrance of Domino--go thrifting together for apartment finds sometime? :)

  4. oh so fab. esp considering that i'm getting an apartment this summer and I'm soooo excited to have you guys help me decorate (lol, like how i slipped that in!?)

    I can't wait till our brunch date!

  5. I just saw these. They picked some really cool girls...Emma Stone was hilarious in Superbad and I will ALWAYS love A. Keys. I might just have to buy this issue of Glamour...damn!


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