The Little Things

Monday, February 2, 2009

There's a little line I'm humming to myself from India. Arie's "Little Things". It goes:

Give me some Stevie, give me some Donny
Give me my daddy, give me my mommy
Pour me some sweet tea, spoonful of honey.
Have your Hollywood.

Indeed. Pour me some sweet tea. Last year, during the Christmas holiday my brother said his girlfriend wanted to know what to buy me as a present, and the first thing that came to mind was a teapot. He laughed like I wasn't serious, but I couldn't have been more. I wanted a beautiful yellow teapot with the lip of the spout slightly curved in an elegant gesture that would allow the water to trickle out slowly instead of rush out of one giant hole. The simple pleasure of sitting in a breakfast nook teeming with sunlight, or curled up on the sofa or bed with a fresh cup of tea and a drizzle of honey will almost always make my heart smile. I have my great Aunt and Uncle to thank for this fascination with tea. At 70 and 71 years of age they make having a cup of tea a daily routine. Tea and a glass of juice for breakfast; tea at night with a slice of poundcake or scoop of ice cream. Even before I moved into my apartment I was searching stores and websites for that little entity that would bring me joy--if only for a little while--in the morning and at night before bed: the little teapot.

I also have this love for pancakes and Belgian waffles, so tomorrow morning I've set aside extra time to prepare and enjoy them before heading off to work. I don't yet have a teapot because I'm still on the hunt for that special one, but with it's beautiful options, I think Target. com will become a new acquaintance very soon.

Ricotta and Cranberry pancakes; Strawberry Belgian waffle; Lemon Ricotta Blueberry pancakes

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  1. Love it:)!! I am a sucker for all tea accessories myself

  2. Strawberry. Belgian Waffles. Yummmm!


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