Calgon, Take Me Away!

Monday, February 23, 2009

You remember that line from the Calgon commercial? LOL. Where is Calgon anyway? Yeah, the title doesn't make much sense, but I felt that since I've been swept away with color lately it was fitting.

I stayed at a friend's house recently, and having been without a TV for the past five months I'm completely at a loss as to what is on right now. I know the internet is the next likely host for all your favorite shows, but my connection in the apartment has been a tad on the slim to nil side until I get my own router lol. (Go NPR!!) Anyhow, my friend joked that anything would probably interest me if I've been without TV, and she left the channel on HGTV and we watched "Design on a Dime", which was really great. But then "Colorsplash" came on and was amazing! I'm kind of hooked now, which is kind of sad because I'm back to being TV-less for a few more weeks. Anyhoo, the show's bold statements on color in various rooms got me all excited to get back into looking at designs for my apartment, and thank the Lord that Domino's website still lives on! I friggin love their Deco profile feature! I've been collecting images for months now and wanted to share a few. Folks who run creative design blogs are fabulous and knock me out with how often they keep adding great inspirations to their sites. Hope I credited you all accordingly :)

Note to self: hit up thrift stores this weekend.

How handsome is designer Michael Bargo? That's his apartment.

Photo from Design*Sponge

Photo from Design*Sponge

Photo from Jubella

I fell in love with the color palette of this living room as soon as I saw it! It comes from the show "Colorsplash" on HGTV.


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