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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I took a cue from a friend and was further prompted to let my hair grow thick and full the way it’s been coaxing me to for most of my life. I’ve always had this feeling that my hair was stubborn and proud, certainly more confident than me. Her thick texture never liked to play second fiddle to the thinner strands of relaxed hair, and so the new growth pushed its way past any relaxer within a matter of weeks. Apparently it was proud of its jet black shade and so decided to thwart any of my attempts to color her. When I first colored her a light brown, the black completely engulfed any trace of color, and no matter if I choose bright red or orange (not really orange) it wouldn’t show. However, last year I used a permanent coloring—brown—and it seemed to last for a good little while before slowing being overtaken by new growth. Now the brown only gets a minimal shine on the tips of my hair. I think my hair was getting back at me for that time I was ambushed into getting a jheri curl. Oh yes, it was an ambush. *squints eye suspiciously*. So now as I settle and hope to become a little more cognizant of whom I am, I’m happily relinquishing all efforts and letting my hair have its way in hopes of exposing a bolder side to myself in the process.

These are a few pics of the progress I’ve made since I cut my hair two months ago: a before and an after. (Told you that new growth don’t play. It won't even let go of the baby hair! lol). I have a friend with beautiful locks that she’s been growing out for years with minimal product usage. When I asked how she manages to style her hair with the intricacy that it is, she said, “Girl, some mornings I do my hair while I’m on the train. I start playing with it and don’t even know what I’m doing.” I probably won’t get locks or curls like Tracee Ellis Ross or Esperanza Spalding, but I’m looking forward to the nurturing process…and my little puff ;)

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Oh yeah...go see Slumdog Millionaire!!!!!! Go, right now. Dang, if I could be an independent film director. Oh Danny Boyle, you made a beautiful film.


  1. LOVES IT! I am natural too and I blog about it (elsewhere). I can understand wanting to set it free. My natural hair is not something to be tamed. Congrats. You look fab.

  2. Thanks Kandi! I love your hair, by the way! Have you checked out the site It's a great place for women of color with natural hair and it has articles on home design, fashion, inspiration, health, etc.

  3. @Nicole - Yeah, they just linked my other blog there. They're good!


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