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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Awhile back I wrote a post stating my love for German/South African songstress, Joy Denalane. Let me just go on ahead and say I completely stan for Joy! Besides having great vocals and equally fly hair, she just seems like a positive and cool person. I wanted to post her video for "Was auch Immer", but embedding was disabled on YouTube. However, I've provided the link for you. The song is all about life being good, being there for your girls, your man, your family, enjoying whatever it is you have. (At least I'm guessing because my German ranks somewhere between shoddy and nil so feel free to correct me :)

The setting is very kick-back, low-key yet still keeps a nice pulse to it. And no lie, Joy's oufit (and pretty much the whole vibe of the video) inspired the color palette for my living room: the orange, the white, the seafoam/island green shawl.

Check the link and vibe out wherever you may be!


  1. Hi Nicole -

    By switching links, do you mean blog roll? If so, then yes! I have been meaning to update mine but the holidays sucked up all my time.

    Perhaps I should say something about this

  2. Oh this video is just wonderful! I've never really heard much of her so it's nice that you shared more about her!


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