Liya in Color

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Photography by Alexei Hay of JedRoot
I love the feel of these photos, but the mixture of color and textures really sparks my intrigue. It's a confluence of attitude and style and a keen eye for detail and color. I think I'm more attracted to editorials and photographs where the style reflects my alter ego, my more adventurous self. Behind my eyelids and in my daydreams I'm much cooler haha. But 2009 is the perfect time to be experimental, wouldn't you say? A contrasting pop of color there, a hint of bohemian here, a little of Morocco meets Mod over there ;) Here's to the fall of inhibitions.

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  1. Besides the fact that I love this model, I think this editorial is just gorgeous because of the bright colors and lighting of them all.


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