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Friday, January 2, 2009

I have an overwhelming love for Jazz. Jazz, especially Jazz played by Chris Botti is incredibly infectious. I'm pretty mellow, and at work I like to keep open and listen to my CB station to set a nice vibe in the office.

He's a stunning performer who makes gloriously luscious melodies. Very sophisticated, cool, and charming. There seems to be a layer underneath his style of play--almost as if he's channeled Chet Baker and Miles Davis and taken a bit of their swag and funk and wrapped it into a newer package. I wanted to share him on the blog for the while, but got a little sidetracked with the moving transition, etc.

Enjoy the sounds of Chris Botti and have a great weekend! I'm parking it over at the theater to check out "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".


  1. Oh wow. Never heard of him, so thanks for the introduction. I think I've got to check him out. Great composition in his music.


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