Interview: Kanye West and Raf Simons

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I came across this interview between Raf Simons and Kanye West via Interview magazine, and courtesy of Cafe Mode. In a humble confession I admit I was not very aware of Raf Simons' talents beforehand, but having only read the interview I find him incredibly fascinating, with a philosphical mind and a cool charm as well. During the interview, the two artists (respectively) discuss music, fashion, and art, and the voids and traps that are a part of each industry. They also unravel their creative processes and how their individual perception in mainstream media doesn't begin to skim the surface of who they are in totality. Well, to be fair that assessment seems to pertain to Raf Simons more so than Kanye West, who openly declares that he is a walking amalgamation of every place he's lived and everything he's interested in. His music reflects more of the "you-think-you-know-but-you-have-no-idea" mentality,--as does his fashion--transforming from hip hop to 80s pop to Japanese influences with fluidity. Raf Simons's explanation is genuine and thoughtful as he explains his role as a "fashion designer" represents only a small part of his interests. Overall it's a very engaging interview, done with both subjects providing vivid snapshots of their imagination in words. It's a cool exchange between two very different personalities with common concerns and a shared passion for their art.
Check it out for yourself if you're interested!


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