Flea Markets and DC Gems

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Early this morning I set out to visit D.C's Eastern Market, a flea market in Capitol Hill that sells just about everything you could imagine. The weather was just cooperative enough to let me delightfully stroll through individual tents selling hand-crafted furniture, jewelry, clothes, and art.

The flea market is outdoors, but just inside the Eastern Market building are shelves and freezers carrying a succulent smorgasbord of every type of food you could want: porcini and prosciutto, asparagus, sausage, ham, pears, chilies, olives, peppers, oysters, duck, chicken, spices, desserts, and even a restaurant where you can get a somewhat inexpensive meal made from the ingredients at the market. I love love love picking fresh ingredients and my shutter bug eye was fluttering like crazy! The people were so cool and friendly, and nobody was pressed about their wardrobe. Pajamas and sweatshirts were out like high noon. I took a photo of this one girl who's haircut I really liked and she said, "Thanks. And you know I didn't even take a shower this morning!" lol.

After my time at Eastern Market I bounced through Target in Columbia Heights and then made a final stop in U Street. I had come across a record stored called Som Records on 14th and S (or T) that sold Wax Poetics magazine on the Internet the night before, and because I'm such a groupie for vinyl I made it another excuse to venture out and flip through some crates. Initially I got lost finding the record store becaue I didn't know you had to venture underground via alittle stone stairway. But while I kept walking I came across a great novelty shop that sold stationery, journals, pens, books, and the most gorgeous and aromatic candles ever! It's called PULP and is really eclectic and colorful.


  1. Back from Paris and now wishing that I had made the time to visit my favorite market there...but there will be time enough for that! God is Great!

    Love your pics and love the Eastern Market, definitely the highlight of any Sunday stroll in D.C.

    Ciao Bella

    Felicia, This Time in Seoul

  2. Love that teapot...I hope you bought it!


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