When Life Gives you Lemons...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I have a rush of posts that I'm excited to include here on the ole Chestnut :) But first and foremost, *Happy Thanksgiving!!!* to everyone out there settling down with family and friends. And to those who, for circumstances beyond their reach and otherwise, are unable to be with loved ones today, be encouraged and may some good cheer from a stranger/neighbor brighten up your holiday! Hope you all have many things to be thankful and hopeful for in the days that lie ahead.

Okay, in the down time between prepping my sweet potatoes, banana pudding, and honey cornbread muffins (shout out to the Neelys!) I came across a lot of beautiful designs. This is the first post of many.

LEMONSTORY by kimenna.

I ran across this etsy page courtesy of Fly Girls, courtesy of YMIB. You don't need to be bored with reasons why I love the pleating do you? Nah. Details, details, details.

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