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Saturday, November 15, 2008

A few weeks ago, the gorgeous and uber talented Felicia of This Time in Seoul tagged me to list 7 random things about myself.

Here goes:
1. Once upon a time in land far far away.....I had a jheri curl. (cue the laughter)

2. I have this (un)healthy obsession with fried plaintains. Just discovered that the store down the street from my job serves fried plaintains every day of the week! Needless to say my lunch money has been claimed, indefinitley :)

3. I may have selective hearing. Works in my favor on occassion ;)

4. I rock with the Golden Girls.

5. I am a PC :)

6. I daydream up random situations like "Wouldn't a collaboration between The Shins and The Roots be kind of great? I know ?uestlove would be down."

7. I plan to reform urban housing policies, primarily on behalf of the elderly. Speaking that now.

Who are we tagging?
Mademoiselle M of C'est la vie
CJ of Queen To Be
Melissa of Mostly Melissa

As my boss says when he's ending a conversation: Peace in Middle Earth!


  1. Great list and thanks for the compliments! Oh my Goodness! It's Sunday, 7 30 AM. Had to get up early because today I'm going to church! Haven't gone to church in years but as an old gospel song says : "Something's gotta' hold on me" Oh yes it does! I'm so excited! Ha!. You made me really laugh with # 3. As young kid, I used to think that I was going deaf, my mom had my hearing checked out and everything. Healthy as all get out, the doctor said "she's in her own world and only hears what she wants to hear". He was right. Mom was happy and miffed and I was quite relieved! Ha! Selective hearing rocks! Ciao Bella!

  2. I'm getting ready for church, too!! Yay! Prepping my mind by listening to Joyce Meyers' message on A Patient Attitude...something I'm in desperate need to hear this week.

    Selective hear DOES rock! My friend mentioned I might have selective hearing because I was in and out on some of the details of her story once. I thought about it and it became more noticeable to me in other situations, too lol. But I trust I'm getting at least 90% of the information I need to ;)


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