Reliving the Times Through Music

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I spent the latter half of the day soaking in some photos from this amazing photo book called "1000 Record Covers" that I borrowed from my boss. This book is so beast! I love it. Is Betty Davis not killin 'em in this photo?? The Velvet Underground. The Clash. The Beatles. The Kinks. Jimi Hendrix. My goodness...Jimi Hendrix. All these great bands--forgotten and being re-lived today--injected a whole new dose of style, cool, color, energy, and consciousness into history through their music, and the cover art for some of these bands speaks almost as loudly as their voices. Check out Michael Och's "1000 Record Covers", published by Taschen. I wrote a little post about it last night, too, over here.


  1. loved all the images!! :)

    & thanks for your why don't you contributions!

    La C

  2. i'm loving the roberta flack image!


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