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Monday, November 3, 2008

Ok, that title doesn't make a lick of sense in regards to this post, but because the word "boo" was there it sort of does... Halloween? Boo? No....not really? mmmkay lol.

The past weekend was great. I got to sleep in late, which I hadn't done since September 3rd lol. On Friday night, my friends hosted a Halloween party out in Silver Spring, Maryland and it was seriously the most fun I've had in a good while. I'm talking non-stop jokes, random banter, games, good vibes, etc. All the women (and three guys who showed up) were mad cool and everyone just clicked. By the end of the night I had made about eight new friends and one die-hard Taboo player! (Is it for real personal, Michelle!? lol) My costume? I have to explain this because even my overactive imagination was trying to make sense of what/who I was supposed to be. So my aunt sent me a suit she used to wear years ago, right? She thought because I am roughly the size she used to be (she's still an itty bitty) and because I would need a new suit for work I could use one that she used to have. When I saw the suit in the box she sent--sequins, shoulders pads, and gigantic swirling yellow flowers-- I was trying to figure out how in the world I would wear it and show her proof that I did, in fact, try it on. The fact Halloween was right around the corner was just a coincidence. I'm just sayin' ;) I rocked this outfit at the party and won funniest costume. I thought about being Chiquita Banana or Queen Aoleon from "Coming to America". But then Felicia (another woman from the party who we would both discover later that evening works just a few floors above me) rolls up and says, "Who are you supposed to be? Winnie Mandela?" It was hilarious. Have you ever seen Winnie Mandela in a B-boy stance?

On Saturday, my friend and I lounged around the house. Hard. She let me crash on her couch, which was about the softest thing ever. We didn't get up for food until 4:45 when we decided to head downtown, and then on an impulse decided to see "Changeling" starring Angelina Jolie. That movie is amazing. I went into the film blind, not really knowing its premise, and I think that may have made it that much more appealing. The plot, not the cinematography, will leave you stunned. Clint Eastwood is a beast.

Sunday, we hit up church and then ran some errands before coming back home. My friend and I had a good time looking like two rookies trying out for the DIY network. We spent a good hour just measuring the spot we were going to hang up her mirror and sconces lol. But like true champs, we were able to put up her mirror, two sconces, and some picture frames. I tell you, the drill gives you power. Beat that Bob Villa.

The festivities continue tomorrow night, as well, with the November 4th election! I am too too excited!! I'll be at work kind of late gathering images of the events leading up to the results, but then I'm headed over to an election party with a co-worker and some of her friends.

Oh, I almost forgot! This is the 100th post for The Chestnut Orange! Thanks for coming back to peek into my little world from time to time, everyone. Looking forward to more random finds to share ;) I have a few things (namely gorgeous sweaters I copped from Target) that I wanted to share, so I may get to posting those soon. Enjoy the rest of the week!

Here's some more pics from the party, church, and the lovely day spent lounging all afternoon til 4.


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