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Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm a sucker for scarves, and any one that is over-sized, chunky, warm, and colorful is all the better! Thus, the cowl scarf is looking like an excellent companion. (These ladies also double as incognito attire for when you just don't feel like being bothered ;) They've been popping up on dozens of fashion sites and blogs, and Piksi from Finland showcases hers beautifully over here :) I came across a few myself over at Fashion is Spinach and a few etsy pages. The designer over at Urbanknit plays with color a bit more than some of the other cowls/neck warmers I've seen, as is evidenced by the gray and fuscia cowl below. But though I'd be cool with having a cowl for myself, I'd probably be reluctant to give up my turquoise pashmina too soon ;)


  1. lovely scarfes!
    i'd love to have one..i think they look really comfy!:D

  2. I love them too, Aubrey :) Thanks for stopping through!


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