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Monday, October 6, 2008

This photo expresses the emotion of my inner child that's been running around the past few days as I discover that I'm really crushin on someone and kinda surprised (correction-- very surprised) that someone may be crushin back ;)

Taking a short break from the Chestnut for a little while. I haven't come across any great random finds in a minute, unfortunately, and work assignments are trying to sap my energy. But the kid is coming back strong! Pinkie promise. Oh wait! If you do happen to be in London (hey U.K readers :D) my good friend Sara Shamsavari, who is an amazing and gorgeous photographer and all around great person, is hosting an exhibition of her photo essay entitled "Fathers, Brothers, and Sons" on October 26th. It'll be at the Swing Baby Bar Music Hall at 8pm.

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